Why marrying a Norwegian woman is the best decision in your life?

Why marrying a Norwegian woman is the best decision in your life?

Top reasons why Norwegian women are interested in you

Finding a mail order bride online isn’t a rarity anymore, many westerners chose this way for their own reasons. Norwegian girls beauty and values also exceed the same parameters of western women.

Although Norway isn’t the most popular destination for international dating and marriages, it is going to be changed soon because they make the best brides and wives ever.

It’s enough to analyze the database of the biggest dating sites and face the fact that Norwegian men almost never join them searching for a foreign bride. They are happy enough with local women!

But then a question raises, why would Norwegian girls want to date a foreigner? Well, they just don’t make a difference. They are curious and open-minded, and want to see the world.

When we asked several Norwegian women about that, they just said they associate their local men with the routine. Marriage with a Norwegian man is always classical and monotonous.

Being financially independent yet adventurous and impatient, single women in Norway are excited to have a relationship with a western man, learn a new culture, and explore new places.

What differs Norwegian girls from popular bride categories

If you happened to try your luck online already, then you know that Eastern European, Asian, and Latin American brides share the first place in popularity. But it’s such a wrong stereotype!

Even those men who prefer to date Slavic women, eventually focus on Baltic girls who have Nordic characters and remain calm in any situation. Well, you find the same in Norway!

It’s a big bonus that Norwegian dating doesn’t involve numerous dating agencies which make you pay for this and for that, like it happens in Eastern Europe. Dating is honest and transparent.Norwegian women dating

Like we already mentioned, Norwegian women are financially independent and economically stable, so they do not perceive a man as their personal ATM machine. They’ve got bank accounts.

Of course, having bank accounts and good jobs do not stop American or British women from being materialistic in relationships with men, but Norwegian girls differ from them too.

Their main advantage is ability to be friends with a man, and genuinely easy-going attitude. It’s so relaxing to spend time with them and enjoy a great mutual understanding.

Their beauty is everything a man needs

Until now, we talked only about inner values of Norwegian women, but their beauty counts as well. If you’re after blondes like the majority of men, then it’s your piece of cake.

They also tend to remain slim for decades. Their intensive lifestyle and a lot of seafood in their diet help to keep fit. Let’s not forget water sports common for Norway during the warm season.

You may also meet plenty of chestnut-haired girls in Oslo and smaller towns, but almost never red-haired or black-haired women. Well, some men do not consider this critical.

As to their style and preferences in clothes, Norwegian women prefer casual outfits for sure. Particularly, they need casual clothes for doing sports and for working long hours.Norwegian girls

Leading such an active lifestyle, Norwegian girls still know how to be fancy. They enjoy dressing in a smart and feminine way for special occasions. We are sure you’ll enjoy that too!

In addition, Norwegian girls are very well-groomed. For some other Scandinavian nationalities, and we won’t name them here, it’s not an obligatory thing so they may neglect the good looks.

But in Norway, you see that every woman takes care of her nails, hair, skin, and all other parts of the body that may interest you. That’s pretty exciting, and good to know!

How to make sure a Norwegian woman is serious-minded

You may find plenty of norwegian mail order brides on dating apps, but how can you really know they are serious about you and not just time-wasting? There are ways to define that.

Since Norwegian girls typically aren’t gold-diggers, you can be calm regarding that point. But you should check whether they care about you or not. Some of them simply flirt online.

So, the very first way to detect if a girl has a boyfriend or not, is the time analysis. It’s like on the radio station: there’s prime time and secondary time. Prime time is on evenings and weekends.

Theoretically, those are exactly periods of time when a lonely person wants an intense communication. Don’t you want to fill these periods with hope and excitement when you’re single?Norwegian girls beauty and values

Therefore, a Norwegian girl should want the same. So it’s a very good sign if she is chatting with you during those periods, and remains busy the rest of time.

However, it’s definitely a red flag if she is offline in the evenings and throughout the weekends. If it happens all the time and her explanations are vague, she probably has a boyfriend.

Another test that really helps, is discussing common plans for the future. What kind of wedding does she dream about? Is she eager to meet your family members?

Where does she want to travel during your first year together? Does she want to proceed with her career or business in your country? Does she need more studying for that?

If she sounds flexible and confident in such discussions, she is a wife material. But if you constantly feel her doubts and hesitations, that might be a huge red flag.

The advantages of your married life with a Norwegian

Now let’s imagine you went to the end, dated her, proposed to her, and you had the most charming wedding either in Norway or in your country. What is waiting for you next?

Things are always seen clearer when you make a comparison. Western men’s complaints about their ex-wives are usually connected with women’s greediness, laziness, selfishness.

Western women’s flaws are connected with consumerism, snobbery, worshipping of comfort, ignorance towards their health and appearance, ignorance towards kids and husbands.

We’ll not fall into negative stereotypes, and it’s never recommended to generalize too much. But these complaints take place too often and basically turn to stubborn facts.

Sounds familiar, right? Well, it’s totally the opposite with norwegian mail order brides. They are surprisingly far from consumerism. It might be a matter in Oslo as one of the most costly cities.find plenty of norwegian mail order brides

But even those ones who are into shopping, do not expect men to buy them every item in a big mall. They make purchases by themselves! And do not tend to collect tons of clothes anyway.

Norwegian women are traditionally good mothers although they start quite late, in their 30s. They are good and faithful girlfriends and wives as well, although there are certain nuances.

Of course, western concept of no strings attached have influenced the whole planet, there are only few exceptions, and young Norwegian girls may cheat when they aren’t truly in love.

But women over 25 are typically mature enough to keep only one track and respect their partner to the fullest. We can say for sure it’s safe to date and marry them, when your love is mutual.

Again, to make a comparison, Norwegian women aren’t overprotective or too motherly like some typical Eastern European wives. But they are caring and friendly enough to be totally happy with them.

They also personify the healthiest combination of idealist views and practical attitude. It’s very refreshing to solve various daily issues together with them and share all other sides of life.

The happy end: would you live happily ever after?

We aren’t here to tell you fairy-tales, but we can reassure you norwegian mail order brides are the best choice you could make. They are great buddies, great lovers, and great life partners.

It’s true that some men are literally crazy about exotic Asian women with their petite shapes, girlish manners, submissive behaviour in a bed, and worshipping of their man.

You won’t find any of that in your Norwegian bride. But if your type is Eastern European girls and you have been disappointed in them by any reason, women in Norway may heal your wounds.

We are saying that because they are also mainly blondes, tall, feminine, family oriented yet hard workers, open-minded about intimacy, and sincerely curious about your culture.

That’s interesting but Norwegian women are also famous for making the healthiest offspring and adding some great Viking genes to your common children’s personalities.

As you can see, there’s nothing better for you and your mother’s good mood than marrying a Norwegian girl, even if you met her in the most usual way, through the dating app.

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