What Norwegians eat?

What Norwegians eat?

What Norwegians eat?Food in Norway is quite expensive. If you want to save, then the for about 25 NOK you can buy a sausage, hot dog and French fries the street stalls, for 30-35 NOK – kebab. A sandwich and a coffee in the store at gas stations may cost up to NOK, a visit to a relatively cheap cafe will cost 100-120 NOK. A bill for a lunch or dinner for two at an average restaurant will cost approximately 550-600 NOK.

A combined lunch at McDonald’s costs about 90 NOK, a Big Mac – 50 NOK.

Norwegian cuisine

In traditional Norwegian cuisine, they use ingredients that are readily available in the local environment – fish and seafood, pork, potatoes and other root vegetables. Thus, dried (tørrfisk) and salty (klippfisk) cod are the main products in the coastal areas in the north. The national dish is fårikål – stewed casserole of lamb and cabbage.

Steak, medallions and meat balls of venison and elk meat, smoked salmon are very popular, among desserts – cakes lukket valnøtt (covered with whipped cream).

For breakfast, various cold cuts of fish, meat, cheese, eggs and bread are usually served, and coffee. Lunch often consists of some snacks, without hot meals.

Drinks in Norway

In Norway, all alcohol over 4.75% is sold only in a network of specialized shops – Vinmonpolet. These stores are open from Monday to Wednesday until 17.00, on Thursday and Friday until 18.00, and on Saturdays until 15.00. The choice is huge in Vinmonpolet, but the prices are very high. Even the cheapest wine will not cost less than 80 NOK per bottle or vodka cheaper than 250 NOK. Such prices made Norwegians to mass brewing.

In Norway, alcohol can be legally consumed from 20 years, beer – 18. Theoretically, drinking in public places (even on your own balcony if other people see you!) is prohibited. In practice, the police are loyal to those who drink in the streets and in the parks, however, as long as they behave well.

Tips in Norway

Service charge in most restaurants and hotels in Norway is added to the account. However, if you liked the service, you can leave 5-10 NOK to the waiters, porters and doormen. In the taxi, the amount is rounded up in the next higher number, or you may give the same 5-10 NOK.

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