To meet a man from Norway

To meet a man from Norway

Norway is a great country in its diversity and comfort. Its beauty begins with its territory which has a narrow and elongated shape: so wherever you are, an exciting sea will always be with you. Therefore, we can safely say, that the Norwegians are not only skilled and experienced sailors, but also romantic people. No wonder that such classics of world music as a Romantic composer Edvard Grieg and violinist Ole Bull.

However, if people who have never been in Norway, think that this is a country with severe climatic conditions, and the population (especially, men from Norway) – are always gloomy and pig-headed, they will have a lot of surprises: after all Norway, probably, more than any other country, is made of contrasts. On its territory you can see most various landscapes. Besides, the winter here isn’t similar to spring, and spring – to the summer. As a result, if in the winter Norwegians wear warm sweaters and jackets, in the summer they perfectly look in colorful T-shirts and shorts.

Surely it is necessary to note that Norway is the country which is one of the most economically developed countries of the world: income per capita is considered one of the highest in this country. And it isn’t surprising, after all the basis of the Norwegian economy is made by rich deposits of oil and the gas, located in the North Sea.

For a long time it became the custom that measured and stable life in the Scandinavian countries is very attractive to the citizens of other countries. Therefore, many our compatriots look for possibility of acquaintance to Norwegians and marry them. As a result: if you like immense open spaces in size and beauty, the magnificent polar lights and most delicate taste of fish, then you are likely to search for your soul-mate in Norway. Moreover, to get acquainted with a Norwegian and to marry him is not so difficult as it seems at first sight.

In Norway, early marriages are not customary, but if a man from Norway decided to get married, then you can be sure that from this moment his wife and family he will be in the first place on the scale of values. Marriage in Norway is really appreciated and it is believed that it increases the man’s status, affecting, for example, his progress through the ranks. Agree, that this attitude toward marriage among men from Norway is a good reason for us to think: “I want to create a strong and happy family! Want to meet a Norwegian! I want to marry a Norwegian!”

But, apart from the fact that men from Norway are wonderful family men and wealthy people, they are also attractive men, who can rarely leave a woman indifferent. Respectable, tall, blond, blue-eyed, whose heart can melt the coldest and the most tired of the loneliness souls with their tenderness and kindness, they are highly valued in our world. Therefore, many women after meeting with the Norwegians often marry in Norway.

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11 thoughts on “To meet a man from Norway

  1. Varsha Damry says:

    Since i’m kids i like Norwegian. I love Norway and would like to b a part of it. So if i got someone to marry i would be pleased. I like to talk and learn Norge and got a calm caracter and i like laughing. I like in charitable activity. I like sharing love to everyone and help people whenever needed. I hv spend one month in Norway and its was my best time in my life 🙂

  2. elvie dalog says:

    I want a friend norwegian man.

  3. ana says:

    I wish to get married norwagian

  4. I really interested to meet people from Norway.

  5. aisha limalia says:


    I am looking to meet a Norwegian muslim man. Is there any website specific for that?

  6. Silvia says:

    I wanna make friend with men who love to have ideas.

  7. No says:

    Dude, that is the swedish flag. Moron

  8. Capricorn says:

    I met recently a Norwegian man..he has been my online friend since 2015 and finally we met just this month..He is kind that is why i am too comfortable chatting with him for more than a year and that observation was confirmed when we met aside from his being respectul and gentle..he is cute and handsome too that you will love to be with him all the time..

  9. mwanahamisi mbogga says:

    I need a norwegian man to married me and to start a family with him where can I get him

  10. weedor Mulbah says:

    How can I get a Norway guy?

  11. Mirera says:

    I need a Norwegian guy serious for long term relationship

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