Guidance for men
Posted By : Date : William E. Decker | 11-06-2012
Never, under any circumstances - no matter how hard it may be for you - let yourself seek consolation from your woman. No matter how hard you may want it, no matter how desperately you may want to cry on her shoulder and dive into the ocean of women's warmth - do not do it. The man has to cope with all of his emotions himself. As soon as a man begins to complain about his life, as soon as he seek consolation from her, needs comfort and understanding, she…
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Guidance for women
Posted By : Date : William E. Decker | 11-05-2012
Every woman wants to be weak - in the sense that she wants to do nothing, to bear no responsibility, but to be able to make all her dreams come true. However, a healthy strong relationships require power. This power should not be directed at how to guide your man, how to manipulate, you should use it to become a real woman. The strength of a woman is her weakness - as they say, and it is close to the truth ... if you understand this phrase. If a woman…
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