Let’s talk about male jealousy
Posted By : Date : William E. Decker | 11-02-2012
How to know if your boyfriend is jealous? In fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem first. Jealous men can be divided into two categories: impulsive and quiet. If your loved one belongs to the first category, he can't hide his feelings for a long time, he will definitely take every opportunity to have it out. He can break dishes, furniture and he may even come to blows. Well, if your favorite is a quiet type, then he is likely to behave like a hurt child. He…
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How to get rid of a female rival?
Posted By : Date : William E. Decker | 10-30-2012
Such a case: he has a mistress and you know her. You do not have to be tormented by doubts "Has he got a mistress?" only because you know he's got an affair and you are personally familiar with this woman. What to do is unclear. The choice, however, is not so great, either to wait until the river will carry the corpse of the enemy or to do something. Let's put aside the Oriental creed. When a woman knows who is her husband's mistress and does nothing, staying moody…
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