Spring – I want to fall in love

Spring – I want to fall in love

I want, I really want. Deeply. Mutually. I want to fall in love! In the spring, this feeling is getting stronger! I want to walk till the dawn, laugh, talk nonsense and smile, sit together on the bench, swinging your foot.
Your feelings are definitely mutual, easy, simple. Spring. I want to smell the rainbow and wet roads, hold hands, I want my head was swimming and … I want, I want!

Spring - I want to fall in loveThe spring has come, all the senses awaken to life, especially the desire to fall in love. It does not matter with whom, at least with the first counter, and immediately, dashing winter depression, start everything all over again. It’s like a drug and the “calories-blocker” in one shot, you lose weight without diets.
Is the objects of interest resisting your love? Then take things into your own hands.

First, find out more personal details, tastes and interests of the young man, the name of his mother, a hamster, a favorite dish. Any little thing can be very important.
If this man has not yet bothered to take your phone number, make him, just gently, very gently.

Men – timid creatures!

“There must be a mystery in a woman …”

Mystery…  A man should be interested, attracted to you. There is no single prescription for all women, the main thins is to make him to unravel it.
It’s no secret that the man loves with his eyes. It’s time to have a new look. Makeup, hair, figure. Men often pay attention to the nails, so take care of them first.

High heels pierce men’s hearts. Leave your pants in the closet, and wear dresses and skirts.

The way to a man’s heart …

The good old truth – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. All men love to eat. If you cook well, it will be your trump card!

Men like to be heroes in our eyes.

Give him a chance! In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo (our men are lazy). Don’t ask him to move furniture in your apartment. Choose something simpler: ask him to reinstall the operating system or to give some simple Photoshop lessons.

Pleasant hobby for both

The best way to bring people together is your favorite hobby.
Men are not as perfect as we are, but they are still people. Therefore, take care of him, exaggerate his virtues, men love it when we admire them, here too, the main thing is not to overdo.
Men love when they are asked for advice. Look the first piece of advice.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Spring is a very romantic time of the year!

    1. Tara cool says:

      You are right! I like this)

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