To meet a man from Norway

Norway is a great country in its diversity and comfort. Its beauty begins with its territory which has a narrow and elongated shape: so wherever you are, an exciting sea will always be with you. Therefore, we can safely say, that the Norwegians are not only skilled and experienced sailors, but also romantic people. No wonder that such classics of world music as a Romantic composer Edvard Grieg and violinist Ole Bull. Continue reading “To meet a man from Norway”

How to hint for a kiss?

How to hint for a kiss?The dream of every girl is a kind, courteous, courageous gentleman. But at the same time, men are timid, shy, hesitant. They may be afraid of our reaction to their actions, afraid to make a wrong move and lose us. For example, here is the following scenario: you’ve already had your first date, and he hasn’t kissed you yet.

How to make a loved one understand, that you’re ready to move to the next step of relations – a kiss. It’s hard to say it straight. It is possible take the initiative in your own hands and try to seduce him? After all, we all know that impossible is nothing in principle. The most important thing is a strong desire and a little effort in the right direction and you will succeed.

So what we need for this?

First. Developing a strategy.

Choose the place, time and mode of action. It can be:

– Park. Solitary bench. Twilight. Cool air. Shiver in the cold. A caring man must try to warm you. And if he is wearing a light shirt? Embrace is also an effective way! Then, the only thing you’ll have to do is to move a little in the right perspective …
Looking at each other’s eyes, you lean forward, hold your breath and kiss …

– Cafe. A cup of hot tea. Slow romantic music. Say him that you really like to dance, or just invite him to a white dance. And at the end thank him for the pleasure and give him a kiss. No, not a French kiss, but in the corner of the lips, as if you wanted to kiss him on the cheek and missed. You’re a romantic girl and not a sniper! Your chosen one will have only to take up the initiative …

Second. Put the plan into motion.

Stay calm and not panic. Deep breath. Remember that determination and seductive femininity are our best friends.

Your main task is to create the right atmosphere and “push” him a little in the right direction. If he is really your man, it doesn’t really matter who started it. He is sure to finish the job.

And the main thing! Do not forget to enjoy the taste of kisses and warmth of hugs.

Guidance for men

Never, under any circumstances – no matter how hard it may be for you – let yourself seek consolation from your woman. No matter how hard you may want it, no matter how desperately you may want to cry on her shoulder and dive into the ocean of women’s warmth – do not do it.

The man has to cope with all of his emotions himself. As soon as a man begins to complain about his life, as soon as he seek consolation from her, needs comfort and understanding, she feels misunderstood. If she does not turn down this man, she will hook you soon and wrap him around her little finger.

Guidance for menYou can discuss things, share experiences and talk over various difficulties with her, but don’t look for solace. Even if a woman, in her ingenuousness, wants to feel sorry for you, you can not permit it – “Thank you, dear, for your support, but now I have to settle it myself”.

Clench your teeth, but abandon the habit to see a mother in the woman, who will listen, understand and feel sorry for you, help you. Treating a woman like that, you block the development of your masculinity and return to the state of a child, and the relationship reaches a deadlock.

Do you know the essence of impotence? – Mother can’t make you horny. It is man’s self-pity and a desire to find solace in the beloved, which make the relationship boring. There comes a time when a man does not want his woman, and she has long been thinking of a lover. Doctors will not help.

If you can not stop wallowing in self-pity – don’t bother your woman. Lick your wounds alone, and be strong for your woman.

Learn to make decisions for yourself and, when required, for both of you. Do not look into the eyes of a woman in search of the answer – find the courage to make a decision on your own. Take the responsibility. Take a risk – even if not all the solutions are optimal. Only this way, man can keep his power and freedom in the relationship, and a woman will finally be a woman.

How to tell a man about breakup?

Sometimes it happens that to start the relationship is far easier than to finish it. But how to behave, when the feelings’re gone and you do not want to continue the relationship, you’d like to have a new one. Your man has no clue about what you want to leave him.

You realize that nothing can be returned and you’d better not waste time out of pity for your ex partner. But you’re afraid to say it directly, knowing that you’ll hurt him. How to tell a man about breakup?

First quietly think about the causes of your decision. Then, if your confidence is not shaken, get ready for the fact that the explanation will not be easy. Not only for him but also for you.

Do not leave him a note with the message that the love has gone and that’s why you leave him. At least, it is bad. You should tell him about the break in person. You must pluck up courage. The explanation must be tactful. On his side, manifestations of anger and misunderstanding are possible. But you must bear this.

Try to avoid reproaches and tears. It’s too late to blame. It is useless to have it out. You are broking up. So try to make this break-up not overshadowed by empty squabbles. Parting is always is hard. Don’t make it harder?

Tell the guy what made you decide to break up. Give him an opportunity to express everything that has long been boiling in his soul.. After all, he has the right.

How to tell a man about breakup?Don’t tell him about a break in public places. You don’t know how the situation may turn and how he may behave.

If you can not decide how to start a conversation, try to imagine all the thoughts that your boyfriend may say when he knows about a break-up. It will be easier for you to find the right words and arrange thoughts. A real conversation will be a little easier.

If you are afraid to tell him straight about the break-up or afraid of his reaction to such an extent that you do not want to be alone with him at this moment, well then there is nothing to do but write about it. Though it shouldn’t be a short note. Try to explain why you’re leaving in details.

It will be more honest to give a letter into the hands of the guy. If you break up with him, just because he behaved as a really mean person?
Then leave a letter, where he will probably notice it immediately.

How to tell a man about breakup? Firmly. Without giving any chances that he can get it back. Demonstrating strength of character, you will be able to free yourself from the ex-boyfriend, as well as make him forget it much faster and give him an opportunity to start a new life with a girl who would be better for him.

Guidance for women

Every woman wants to be weak – in the sense that she wants to do nothing, to bear no responsibility, but to be able to make all her dreams come true. However, a healthy strong relationships require power. This power should not be directed at how to guide your man, how to manipulate, you should use it to become a real woman.

Guidance for womenThe strength of a woman is her weakness – as they say, and it is close to the truth … if you understand this phrase. If a woman wants to keep her relationship, she should know when to retreat into the background and take a position of a “weak” woman. To do that, she will need the power and the willingness to put the lid on her own desires.

Believe it or not, but the woman can be truly happy only after she learned to be inferior to the man. The fact is that it is the only way for her to conquer her pride and to solve all the problems. Without it, a woman will neither normal relationship, nor peace in her soul.

Therefore, dear and beautiful women, learn how to talk to the man, “Yes, sweety”. This does not lower your dignity and your self-worth. All you need is to learn to accept men’s choice and don’t be too hot to trot.

If you don’t do that, if you will shoot yourself in the foot. Yes, the man should be strong and should be able to put a woman back in her place, but such men do not fall from the sky, and they usually have a relationship. Behind every strong man there is a strong woman, who managed to be weak and, thus, made him to be strong.

Here’s the main wisdom woman – she must bring up her man. She should show him that he is strong and teach him to use that power. There are no weak men, only those who have forgotten their male essence. It is woman who can awaken the essence in her man.

Stop waiting that life will give you that for free. No matter how high your opinion of yourself is, you will not have the right man beside you until you learn to be women – kind, flexible, strong and wise. And then you will look back and will be surprised – there is a man next to you, who you have never dreamed of.

Family and life in Norway

As women in Scandinavian countries regularly go to work, their husbands often playwith children, almost always do washing up and ironing. Women, in turn, are able to change a car tire, hang a cornice for curtains, tile bathroom or move furniture without the help of men. The spouse do  the house cleaning and caring for the garden together.

Family and life in NorwayPerhaps, that’s life in the harsh environment and the majestic nature which has brought this distinctive trait, which moves closer the Finns and Norwegians, as restraint and reticence. This is a particular feature of Finns. The professor coming in the country, who gave a lecture in Finnish universities, complain of the difficulties associated with the complete absence of any emotions on the faces of the audience. You joke, tell interesting stories, use rhetorical techniques – the result remains the same, silence and frozen faces. The lecture ends, and your students take their stuff and go out of the audience silently. Many people believe Finnish students stupid and insensitive, but it is simply a tradition and feature – the more interesting lecture is, the deeper and more respectful silence is.

Restraint is not limited to behavior but it also influences the attitude to life. Private episode in the life of a Russian traveler is a good illustration of the general situation. One couple from Moscow visited a small and remote Norwegian island. Green landscapes, dazzling sea, cozy houses, fish everywhere – such a Norwegian idyll had lasted until the husband suddenly fell ill. For a couple of days, he was suffering from terrible pain, hoping that everything will resolve itself, until at 4 a.m. it became clear that he needed a doctor. As it often happens in emergency situations, the crisis came on Sunday. Despite this, the doctor, pleasantly smelling of morning coffee came quickly and said that this was very similar to the attack of appendicitis. “It’s, of course, up to you – he said happily – but I would advise you to go to the hospital”. No panic, no worries, no cars with flashing lights. If you do not want – do not, up to you, but you’ better go.

A similar situation occurred in a country hospital, where it was decided to go after all. Incidentally, nothing reminded of the day off there. Everyone was working. A Norwegian nurse came into the room, gave a stern look at the spouse who came to visit a sick, and a minute later, muttering something in Norwegian, put the tray with a hot meal. It was calm and quiet everywhere – “it looks like appendicitis, although of course there are mistakes”. The head of the family by that time was already almost unconscious. As a result, surgery was very complicated, as it was suppurative appendicitis, but it was done the way as if baby tooth was removed – without panic, pathos and drama. “What should i do? – complained the spouse. – We came here by car, and I can not drive”.”So what – cheerfully responded a Norwegian surgeon, standing over the patient cut along and across – in three days, he will be quite able to get behind the wheel”. “And the stitches?” – “You can remove them yourself, nothing complicated”.

Calm and resolution, as if it were not XXI century, but the era of the Vikings and to clean the wound of the warrior is a mere trifle for his battle companion.

“Hot Finnish guys” also show themselves in the peculiarities of the national car-driving. They can drive pretty fast on the excellent roads of the country, but as soon as they catch up with another car, they immediately line up and tag along peacefully with each other, not even trying to get ahead. This is a typical phenomenon for Finnish roads. Only Norwegians are worse – they don’t start speeding even on an absolutely free road. American drivers usually resent – Norwegians are like zombies, dragging quietly after some truck, showing no signs of anxiety.

Finnish restraint often looks like a manifestation of an unfriendly attitude that is usually misleading, Norwegian restraint is, rather, evidence of indifference, which may be true. Indifference is, of course, a negative word, but Norwegian indifference has nothing negative, they just give you the right to live as you want. So if you are traveling during the day without the headlights turned on in Finland, and in Scandinavia the headlights must be on at all times, every passing Finn will beep – disorder is a threat for Finns. But in Norway, no one will react – if you want to pay the penalty, it’s your business.

What attracts tourists to Norway?

What attracts tourists to Norway?The entire country – the sea, mountains and fjords. Moreover, much of the country is covered with mountains. The residents, throughout the long history of the country, had to fight for every small piece of land. It is is worth much. Often literally.

Nature strikes with its muted but diverse northern beauty. Here you can see clear rivers, lakes and forests. Everything is in its elemental beauty. Summer in Norway is very comfortable and there are no mosquitoes in the country.

Birds in cities are almost tame and not afraid of people. Pigeons sit quietly on hand to share your meal. The forests are rich in animals, which often go out on the roadway.

As a rule, it is possible to wander and explore nature almost anywhere. Even if the area is fenced. But, of course, with the permission of the owners.

Travel to Norway: how to have a good time

Two million tourists travel to Norway annually. Note: the population is almost five million. In addition, holidays for tourists here are pretty special. It’s not the the place where you can bathe in the sun on the beach. One-third of the country is located beyond the Arctic Circle.

Thanks to the abundance of mountains in Norway, ski tourism is very developed. Tourists are attracted by the stunning beauty of waterfalls and fjords with clear water, as well as by mountain rivers where you can go fishing!

Residents are friendly, but they prefer solitude. Typically, each family has a cottage close to the mountains. In winter, you can’t go there – the roads are covered with snow.

But in season from late spring to mid-fall, a period of active holiday begins. These are various hiking trips or long walks on bicycles. This kind of leisure is loved by all the people. Another interesting feature of the Norwegian way of life is the lack of locks on the doors of cottages. Anyone can go in and have a bite. On the table, there is a price list and a plate for the money. Oddly enough – everybody pays!

Save your personal space

Another epidemic and devastating mistake is that men and women in romantic relationships should do everything together, sleep in the same bed and have no secrets and all belong to each other completely.

Yes, at the initial stage of relationship you want to be together as much time as possible. Friends, work, hobbies – everything is put aside, just to be together. This is, perhaps, romantic, but making the most of the relationship is dangerous. To reduce the whole meaning of life to relations even with the most beautiful person means to lose touch with reality.

No matter how wonderful this relationship can be, sooner or later you both will get bored with it. You can not live for each other, otherwise, your life will soon become black and white. But most couples do not understand this, and, conversely, seek to fully integrate their lives together.

From a practical point of view, it may seem appropriate and correct. Joint accounts, holidays together, nutrition together, entertainment together, mutual friends, and, often, and work together. It seems that such joint activity expresses great love and trust. But after a year, the romance disappears, and they both begin to understand that life turned strange and goes by.

Save your personal spaceYou can get bored even with the best and most interesting person if you spend all the time together. Like a good wine – if you drink it from a beer mug at one burst, its entire gustatory value disappears from the second sip. You should taste an expensive drink slowly – it’s the only way you can feel a whole bunch of sensations.

The same with relationships – if you don’t limit yourself, you can “drink down” each other for a couple of months.

When a man and woman meet each other, they are independent people with their views, interests and friends – and that’s because they like each other. Man feels great when he lives passionately and fully, in harmony with himself. When you have a close relationship it is not possible.

First, it’s easy to agree to such an exchange. But after some time, you’ll need some personal space for friends, old hobbies, and you may find that you don’t have time for all things you once loved. At this stage, many relationships have problems, because there are only two extremes: fully dedicate your life to each other or break up.

In relationships it is possible to be individuals, and it will only benefit the relationship. If we abandon the childish greed and desire to own a man in full, if you overstep the fear that the person may not come back, everything will be great.

Let’s talk about male jealousy

How to know if your boyfriend is jealous?

Let's talk about male jealousyIn fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem first. Jealous men can be divided into two categories: impulsive and quiet. If your loved one belongs to the first category, he can’t hide his feelings for a long time, he will definitely take every opportunity to have it out. He can break dishes, furniture and he may even come to blows. Well, if your favorite is a quiet type, then he is likely to behave like a hurt child. He may be silent, limiting to short answers, and he may not respond to kindness, and walk away, slamming the door and may not answer the phone. As we can see, it is easy to understand if the guy is jealous, it will be much harder to calm him down, so that we should think once again if it is worth provoking his feeling. If you need to make the guy jealous, like a breath of fresh air, get down to business.
Ways to make a guy jealous

So, how to make a guy jealous? Again, nothing complicated – you need to show that he is not the only man interested in you, that you enjoy wide popularity.

1. Let’s start with the most innocent – flowers (small gifts), presented by admirers. You can order a bouquet- in this case, do not forget about the card with a couple of sweet words. You can also buy flowera on your way home, you’d better do that at the stores which are far away from home, so that your boyfriend didn’t see you there. You should do that several times, even one flower, but a few times a week. If he asks you who is the giver, you should look confused babbling about some new acquaintance.

2. Communication with another guy on the phone, via e-mail, ICQ, or social networking, whatever. You should leave your e-mail account open.

3. Change in appearance. Image change is not enough, you will have to be up in the clouds, often pretending inattentive in conversation and have a dreamy look. And you can also change your taste preferences, for example, earlier you never really liked sushi. You’ll have to love and answer with a satisfied look on your face that your new friend taught you to eat properly.

4. Stop coming from work at the same time and become a “workaholic”, come home from work later than usual.

5. If the object of influence is your ex-boyfriend, then you need to look well-groomed and happy if you meet him. You stop on the street and talk with your ex? Not bad, but the hint (for example, look at the watch), that it’s time for you to go there where somebody’s waiting for you.

6. Make a guy jealous, tell him a story about how good your new friend is.

7. Well, the easiest, but also the most dangerous way – is to flirt in front of your lover with another man.

Just do not overdo.

Interesting facts about Norway (10 facts)

Interesting facts about Norway (10 facts)1) Probably, a few people know that the word “Norway” means “the way of the North”. Many thousands of years ago, this country was hidden under a huge sheet of ice …

2) Every year, thousands of tourists go to Norway, to ride on a unique 20-kilometer Flåm railway. From the train window, you can see mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the fjord. The Flåm Railway is a work of engineering art.

3) You may think that this is a northern country, which is still covered with snow and the eternal ice. You will be surprised when you get to Norway in the summer and see blooming orchards and ripe strawberries. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of Norway is quite mild and warm in the summer. The sea near the coast of northern Norway, located above the Arctic Circle, does not freeze even in winter, and in the summer, the temperature rises to 20 – 30 °C  even in the northern part of the country.

4) The principal means of transportation in Norway – is bicycles, no matter what the weather is outside, if it is frosty – you can dress warmly, as if it rains – Norwegians wear raincoats and take umbrellas.

5) The coldest winter month in Norway is March. In March, it snows, it is frosty and the streets are covered with ice. But in December, you can see even roses which haven’t hit the ground yet.

6) Norway is a real Kingdom, with the King and the Queen. In Norway, the monarchy reigns, but Parliament has political power.

7) Alt for Norge (All for Norway)  – this is written on the coat of arms of the King of Norway. For many years, it has been the motto for the Kings of Norway.

8) In Norway, at weddings, there is a custom to give beer to cows. According to the tradition, everyone should be drunk at the wedding, and everyone should low something in the honor of the bride and groom, and the cows do not make any exceptions.

9) The analysis of phenetic similarity showed that the cats in Norway are similar to those on Shetland Islands, Shetland cats resemble the cats and dogs on Orkney islands and the Isle of Man. The latter are closest to the cats on Faroe Islands, they’re like the cats of Iceland. That was the sequence in which the Vikings digested the North Atlantic.

10) Worldwide, oil is measured in gallons, barrels, cubic meters, tonnes, exajoules and British thermal units, and in Norway and Canada, crude oil is measured in cubic meters, and condensate – in tonnes.