Meeting the most beautiful Norwegian girls on dating apps

Meeting the most beautiful Norwegian girls on dating apps

Plan your trip to Norway for sightseeing and hookups

It’s good if you’re open-minded and adventurous enough to not limit yourself by planning a trip to Norway but also care about your sexual life there. Does it make sense?

Boring guys only go to Norway to admire the fiords and mountains. We bet you aren’t boring! Norway is the right place to meet beautiful single blondes who make love like goddesses.

Girls there are self-sufficient yet feminine, although they prefer an equal friendly man over an old-fashioned gentleman. Hook-ups fit perfectly into their busy and intensive lifestyle.

Now you see it would be a big waste not to take a chance with those who are impatient to meet you and try new things in a bed. Or maybe not so new, but still pleasant!

Norwegian women are as modern and civilized as possible, although less obsessed with devices and gadgets than Asian girls. But they do use some popular dating apps every now and then.

Top Norwegian dating apps you must try

The No. 1 app that gains more and more popularity in Norway, is Brilic. It recently became free for female members so Norwegian women can fully enjoy its advantages.

This best norwegian app specializes in international dating of all kinds, and its database is rapidly growing since more and more singles worldwide try it out and find it very effective.

Brilic is nicely designed, wisely organized all over, and fairly innovative. A big number of single girls from Norway in its base promises it will remain No. 1 in this country for good.

It is also natural that Norwegian women use other popular platforms such as Tinder and The Match, but they are traditionally perceived as hookup apps or even places for virtual flirting.

While Brilic can connect you even with serious-minded Norwegian girls, if that is what you seek, or help you to find a travel partner in Norway which is also very appealing.

Norwegian dating

How to attract a Norwegian girl on the dating app

The online and offline courtship differ a lot, especially if you deal with a girl from another culture. If you still don’t know much about Norwegian women way of thinking, find out some facts below.

First of all, remember that Norwegian women are busy. Doesn’t matter if they live in a capital or in a countryside, they’re working all day long from early morning till the evening.

They behave online accordingly. They don’t talk much, don’t use long sentences, but they never waste their time for nothing and chose a nice man with all possible attention.

In the best norwegian app, Norwegian women may study your account very thoroughly, and then test  you with some quick tricky questions that may reveal your true character and intentions.

Although they aren’t feminist, they expect you to be respectful towards women in general and them personally. You shouldn’t tell bad things about your ex or your mother.

Anyways, if you’re both after hook-ups, your conversation shouldn’t go that far. Be straightforward enough about your preferences in sex, but accompany that with lots of compliments.

Norwegian women aren’t cynical like some of the Finnish or Danish girls. They are still a bit idealists. So it’s better if you aren’t too naughty but cheerful and open with them.

single girls from Norway

What kind of date to arrange

You’re lucky, Scandinavian women are down-to-earth and prefer to be a man’s buddies, so you can simply invite them to a good pub or even a small bar nearby. It’ll be ok for them.

Even those ones who place high positions in big corporations, prefer to spend their free time in a simple manner. Also they’d go to small bars and clubs for a reason of anonymity.

It’s a relieving factor for western men that fancy restaurants are excluded for this kind of date in Norway. Girls are invited there only when you’re in a serious relationships with them.

And even if so, they prefer to share the bill. It differs a lot from how you date in Eastern Europe for example: girls expect to be fed well in the most central city restaurant on the first date!

So, enjoy the advantages of Norwegian dating and forget about sweets & flowers stuff. Those hotties will gladly watch football with you accompanying this with salty snacks and lots of laughter.

How she wants you to act in a bed

If you’re an experienced traveller and dater, you may know that Asian and African women, for instance, are mainly submissive. While some German women prefer either dominating or threesomes.

Norwegian woman may try all of the above once in a while, but in general, they remain pretty classical. One trait unites them though, they don’t mind quick spontaneous sex in public places.

But that happens on the first date only in a half of cases. In all other situations, after meeting a hot girl in the best norwegian app, you should better take her to the hotel.

Funny enough, those girls who prefer to do that in public places, seriously think they are better protected from dangerous strangers this way. While the hotel rooms are isolated and risky.

Take an advantage of these unusual stereotypes and enjoy quick hook-ups on the bus stations, in fitting rooms of the stores, cinema toilets, or any other places your Norwegian lover might suggest.

Do not forget that you need only two things for making it happen: alcohol and friendly trust. If you provide both, your sexual experiences in Norway will grow very rapidly.

date in Norway

How to get rid of Norwegian girl

Sometimes reality differs a lot from virtual impressions, and your date might go wrong. If you want to avoid sex with a Norwegian girl for any reason, just buy her some beer and leave. That’s ok.

In fact, they can do completely the same if they didn’t like your looks or behaviour, but if you follow all the recommendation above, this likely won’t happen so don’t be stressed about.

But if you are the one who refuses to hookup with her, act like the situation demands. Girls who are met through the best norwegian app, are prepared to all possible scenarios.

If she is totally unacceptable for you, for example she smokes too much or obviously has too many lovers, do not hesitate to leave. It will be polite enough if you order extra drinks and disappear.

But, if a girl is very nice and doesn’t suit you by less critical parameters, for example, she is too young or too talkative, play a good friend and tell her you just saw your ex and you need to meet her.

Luckily, Norwegian women do not fall in love too quickly, and do not have a bruised ego either. It’s easy and painless to abandon them if you have just met and didn’t sleep together.

It’s equally easy to disappear after the first sex as well, since many Norwegian women got used to such a lifestyle and they realize the consequences of short hook-ups or flings.

Again, it makes a big difference with Eastern European or Latin American girls who like making a drama without any reason and spoil your mood to the core. So, relax in Norway!

How to start dating someone you met for one-night-stand

However, the opposite situations are more typical for this part of the world: Norwegian girls are way too good for making love to them only once. You may want to go further!

It’s really pleasant to date a Norwegian woman who you met through the best norwegian app since they normally don’t want to get married too early and can date for years.

They have a healthy equilibrium in their mind between selfishness and taking care of a man, so you don’t get any stress during your communication and only harvest the fruits.

You should know how to start dating a Norwegian girl though if you met through the best norwegian app just for hookups. She may not be ready to something more profound so check it out.

Since all Norwegian women perceive men as their friends, they’ll easily share with you their personal story, if you are a good listener and ask the questions correctly.

So it matters whether she has a boyfriend or a fiancé. Maybe she just wants some diversity with men like you. But if not and she is single, your chances for something bigger are very high.

It also matters which views she has on relationships in general, which plans she has for the nearest future, and so on. We believe you can use this information at your profit and succeed!

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