Looking for Norwegian women? Here is guide about dating from Idateadvice

Also, avoid being touchy. Norwegian women are conservative, so they aren’t very open to physical touch let alone PDA with someone they do not know very well. Therefore, keep your hands to yourself until better acquainted. Otherwise, you probably won’t see her again. To avoid any mistakes, look for welcoming hints in her body language. If the eye contact is constant, she’s flirty, moving closer and you are too, try a little touch here and there to see how it is received. Then proceed how you see fit.
Don’t know How to Date Norwegian Women? idateadvice.com here to give you answers and dating tips.

Norwegian women are delightfully unique. You know how most women place a lot of emphasis on chivalry and men going out of their way to make them feel special? Norwegian women aren’t like that. Instead, when dating Norwegian women, focus on equality and making authentic connections.

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