Learn to flirt

Learn to flirt

Gait, eyes, smile – everything is important!

Tools and techniques used by our grandparents at the ball to attract the men, work well today. The first thing to pay attention to is how you walk.

Yes, yes, sexy gait is a must for every day. No need to rush at full speed, even if you’re late – a man will hardly come up to such a woman with her lips pressed together and steady gaze. The best option: walking down the street, imagine that the Prince Charming is walking behind you, who is closely observing and trying to decide whether to come up to you or not. Do your best, make him want to call you!

flirtYour movements should be feminine and smooth, hips should be wiggling.

In short, the man must understand that he may try to talk to you. The following method is very simple, but no less effective. If a handsome man is talking to you, look straight in his eyes, hold your eyes a little longer than you normally would, then look at his lips, neck …

You should also give a slight sincere smile. To get the “right” smile, think of something provocative, for example, whether he is a good kisser. After a few minutes, repeat the maneuver with a look and a smile. It works!

The art of flirting was very popular even a hundred years ago. Every “marriageable” girl knew it perfectly, because the girls were taught this art by older, more experienced women, beginning with mothers and ending with friends.

Arriving at the ball, to the theater or other places with young men, the young lady started immediately to flirt with someone who she liked – hiding behind a fan or a bouquet, she gave a smile to a man accidentally, he met her several times “accidentally”, she dropped a handkerchief and thanked him..

There was a lot of techniques of flirting.

Nowadays, many things have changed. We neither flirt, nor make hints, we ask out for a date and first tell of our love – emancipation! We do not blush and look down. Instead, we boldly and openly express our thoughts and feelings. That’s good, but do not you think that some modern men are sick and tired of emancipated ladies without complexes?

Man is a conqueror, a persecutor, and he is not interested, when there is no need to seek the Beautiful Lady’s favor.

Men want to play, and flirting is a game: exciting, risky, making the heart beat faster …

Let’s start… Listen to him carefully!

The ability to hold a conversation is the ability to listen to the interlocutor, with your eyes wide open and your mouth slightly open in surprise, occasionally asking questions, exclaiming in surprise and otherwise expressing your interest. Unfortunately, many girls have forgotten how to listen to the man – they prefer to talk incessantly about themselves … It’s a very big mistake. You’d better make him talk about himself – and you should listen to him and make a decision whether he is worth your attention.

Gestures and touches

Talking to a man, do not forget about body language. Cross your legs, so that he could enjoy your perfect knees. Play with your hair, twirling a strand of hair between your fingers – man will be literally hypnotized by this movement. Without interrupting an interesting conversation, take a compact and casually look in the mirror. A couple of times you can touch his right hand, as if you were trying to draw his attention to your words.

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