How to pick up a Norwegian girl and get intimate

How to pick up a Norwegian girl and get intimate

Cold Norwegian women: true or false?

There is a myth that Norwegian women are a bit cold as they are of nordic type. But it’s so far from the truth and you learn that only when you get to Norway and try dating there.

First of all, it’s a very prosperous and many-sided country where a person has even more possibilities to earn well and live well than in the USA. It’s really hard to be bored there.

Norwegian girls are smart and hard-working, they use all chances to the maximum and build very good careers. If they’re from smaller towns, they participate in a family business.

For sure, they want to harvest the fruits of their work in between of daily duties, and their real personality becomes very obvious in those moments. They have fun like no one else on Earth!

Norwegian women know how to drink, sometimes better than men. And they certainly prefer a high-quality alcohol. In the worst case, it’s local beer, which is pretty good, still.

Here comes one of the hints how to hook up norwegian girl: master your skill to drink a lot without getting drunk! Also make sure you buy her the best drink or her preferred one.

How to make a Norwegian girl really like you

Like it’s already said, Oslo women know how to enjoy life, and they don’t mind when you show them new ways to do this or at least share their old hobbies. It’s up to you!

So it’s highly recommended you talk with them cheerfully trying to learn everything about their tastes. What they usually do on weekends? And what would they like to do if they had more time or money?

However, do not spend much on Norwegian women, it’s not the category that enjoys sugar dating. They’re getting pleasure exactly of their ability to pay for themselves and share the bill!

As you can see, it isn’t hard to hook up norwegian girl if you can entertain her, but you respect her freedom and financial independence. It’s your key to success, for sure!Norwegian girl

Should you be traditional with a Norwegian girl?

Lots of men think they’ll get their piece of pie easier if they play a traditional man who loves kids and wants to eventually marry. Well, it doesn’t work with Norwegian women.

They prefer to get married after 30, when they saved some capital already and travelled quite a bit. They aren’t your typical chickens who want babies as soon as they reach adulthood.

Also, Norwegian girls do not tend to get married spontaneously. They don’t believe in sudden romance and love at first sight as much as French women do, for example.

They nearly always get married to men who they date for years or make great friends with. In majority of cases, those are ex-schoolmates or other buddies from their childhood.

So don’t worry if you want to hook up norwegian girl, she considers you a temporary sex partner and you have similar attitudes. She won’t bother you or become your headache.

How to detect whether she wants sex with you

Women of different nationalities give different kinds of signs. If you got used to a certain system of signs already, you might have a hard time trying to understand Norwegian girls.

To describe their mentality, they are not as straightforward as German or Swedish women, but they are very confident indeed. So you can notice their sexual interest immediately.

It’s not typical for Norwegian women to seduce you with their sexy shoe under the table in a restaurant, but they may just wink and suggest to go somewhere, which means they are ready to make love.pick up a Norwegian girl

Their laughter is another sign you aren’t mistaken in interpreting their behaviour. When they start laughing a lot and touch your shoulder during the conversation, it’s the right moment to take them to your place.

Since Norwegian women generally aren’t very accessible and they don’t like to touch unknown people, you can reach such an effect only in their favourite bar after a dozen of drinks.

It doesn’t mean to hook up norwegian girl you need to make her a hard-drinker: after any kind of party, she is still fresh and efficient on the next day at work! That is their special trait.

How to have another night with a Norwegian girl

Although some men are interested only in one-night-stands, you may like your new Norwegian lover too much to let her go. But it’s not guaranteed that she wants to continue.

But you can make it happen if you use the nuances of her psychology. Remember, Norwegian women like to make great friends with a man and have a lot of fun together?

If you feel you would really like to continue your summer fling and spend the whole vacation with that sexy beauty, try to recall all her hobbies and dreams she told you about a day before.

Do not beg her to call you on a phone when she leaves, instead, suggest to visit her favourite place or go somewhere for the first time if that is her long-cherished goal.Norwegian nature

You shouldn’t be wealthy to make her dreams come true. Just take her to the concert of the world famous group or go fishing together to the spot of her childhood memories.

It may sound too sentimental and even dangerous for someone who doesn’t want a serious relationship, but dating experts say such places of memories are the best to hook up norwegian girl!

How to have the quickest breakup with a Nordic girl

The opposite also happens: you may get tired of your Norwegian beauty even before or right after your first night. What to do then, and how to avoid her negative reaction?

Of course, one cannot know such nuances without some assistance. Do not get too stressed, Norwegian women aren’t short-tempered and they don’t make revenge. But you should prepare well.

One of the ways to breakup with a Norwegian girl is to start admiring another girl openly. Do not flirt or seduce this another girl on her eyes, it’s too rude, but confess you like her appearance.

You can say one short sentence, this beautiful blonde reminds you of your first love. Bingo! If you’re lucky, your girl will grab her purse and proudly walk away, so just don’t stop her.

It’s actually a perfect way to breakup without insulting her or criticizing her habits, sexual preferences or whatever. It works especially well if your Norwegian chick is young and sensitive.Norwegian women

To breakup with a mature Norwegian woman, you need some more imagination. Her clock is ticking already and she cares about finding a future husband much more than a young hottie.

At the same time, older women in Norway like having friendship with all men who surround her, and they are real good in developing the mutual understanding and warmth.

So, she’ll be ok if you tell her directly that you need to come back to your country soon and hectic life there prevents you from having an intensive distant communication or a normal private life.

You surely need some bravery to say it out loud but positive results are guaranteed. Your mature Norwegian lover will be flattered by your trust and open-minded attitude, and you’ll remain good buddies.

How to hook up Norwegian girl if she is a model

Many women in Norway live a simple life either on their farm or as an office bee, and look pretty casual. But there are gorgeous models and local celebrities as well.

Their Nordic beauty is absolutely awesome especially when mixed with other genes. The majority of famous Norwegian beauties have blond hair, blue eyes, and long legs. Wow!

No wonder you’d want to hookup one of them after you already gained some experience with other Norwegian singles. It’s fully possible to spend a hot night with a celebrity!

Since these girls already have everything they dreamed about, you’ll save a lot on gifts and shopping. However, be ready to pay for entering the luxurious places where you can meet them.

Norwegian women: How to date girls from Norway?

Nightclubs, bowling clubs, and restaurants in a downtown of Oslo will help you to catch them. And be sure it’s very common for Norwegian women to go out alone, so your chances are high!

It would never happen in Turkey or other strict countries, but in Norway, even successful and brilliant women go out alone to have a drink and recharge their batteries.

Dress well, shave well, get some fake business cards showing how cool you are, and take a chance with one of the hot Norwegian models. The recipe is still same: the alcohol!

Norway is a country of big opportunities not only for locals and their careers, but also for foreign men’s best memories and brightest adventures. Learn to hook up norwegian girl, and start over!

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