How to get rid of a female rival?

How to get rid of a female rival?

Such a case: he has a mistress and you know her.

You do not have to be tormented by doubts “Has he got a mistress?” only because you know he’s got an affair and you are personally familiar with this woman. What to do is unclear. The choice, however, is not so great, either to wait until the river will carry the corpse of the enemy or to do something. Let’s put aside the Oriental creed.

How to get rid of a female rival?When a woman knows who is her husband’s mistress and does nothing, staying moody and silent, – she silently blesses them both the continuation of the relationship.

Husband is not a thing that you own, of course, but he’s still your husband, not a boyfriend.

You need to talk to your rival! How to conduct a dialogue with her? Speak briefly and clearly. The main thing is that your rival must understand – she must avoid you. Try to avoid foul language, physical injuries and dramatic scenes. You can frighten her a little bit. No matter who she is, a woman with stronger nerves will win.

If you don’t want to communicate with his mistress, if you’re scared, uncomfortable and you feel disgust, talk to the source of the problem – to your husband. Speak from the heart with him.

  1. You can not be silent and, especially, smile in response. Each person’s ego has two sides, one looks inward, the other – outward. And, if your inner voice is screaming in anger, you must express it. And if you are mentally shouting, but remain silent, then six months later you will find yourself in a hospital with a full bouquet of psychological disorders.
  2. You must immediately show the degree of rejection of this situation, do not be afraid to express your discontent.
  3. You husband has a mistress, the last thing you were going to see in your life, and he doesn’t even make a secret of that. There is no place for politeness – you must talk to him! Drink a sedative, you may not be ready for his reaction to your words. Say aloud the word “divorce”. Look at his reaction. If the husband doesn’t want to save marriage – let him go. If he stands up for his mistress like a rock – there’s no need to talk to her.

Personal power is a person’s ability to see the enemy, to react to danger, to cope with difficulties. Self-esteem is dignity that must not be lost under any circumstances. You have the right to be happy!

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  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for advices. It seems my husband’s mistress appeared. 🙁

  2. Bow says:

    Thanks a lot. It makes me much stronger than before. His mistress was right here next to me and I was so angry. Million thanks to your advices.

  3. Bagi says:

    I hope to find suitable wife for me, where I Widowed from Yemen and I have three daughters and son was 45 Yrs
    And ready to live in Norway with my partner

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