Guidance for women

Guidance for women

Every woman wants to be weak – in the sense that she wants to do nothing, to bear no responsibility, but to be able to make all her dreams come true. However, a healthy strong relationships require power. This power should not be directed at how to guide your man, how to manipulate, you should use it to become a real woman.

Guidance for womenThe strength of a woman is her weakness – as they say, and it is close to the truth … if you understand this phrase. If a woman wants to keep her relationship, she should know when to retreat into the background and take a position of a “weak” woman. To do that, she will need the power and the willingness to put the lid on her own desires.

Believe it or not, but the woman can be truly happy only after she learned to be inferior to the man. The fact is that it is the only way for her to conquer her pride and to solve all the problems. Without it, a woman will neither normal relationship, nor peace in her soul.

Therefore, dear and beautiful women, learn how to talk to the man, “Yes, sweety”. This does not lower your dignity and your self-worth. All you need is to learn to accept men’s choice and don’t be too hot to trot.

If you don’t do that, if you will shoot yourself in the foot. Yes, the man should be strong and should be able to put a woman back in her place, but such men do not fall from the sky, and they usually have a relationship. Behind every strong man there is a strong woman, who managed to be weak and, thus, made him to be strong.

Here’s the main wisdom woman – she must bring up her man. She should show him that he is strong and teach him to use that power. There are no weak men, only those who have forgotten their male essence. It is woman who can awaken the essence in her man.

Stop waiting that life will give you that for free. No matter how high your opinion of yourself is, you will not have the right man beside you until you learn to be women – kind, flexible, strong and wise. And then you will look back and will be surprised – there is a man next to you, who you have never dreamed of.

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