Guidance for men

Guidance for men

Never, under any circumstances – no matter how hard it may be for you – let yourself seek consolation from your woman. No matter how hard you may want it, no matter how desperately you may want to cry on her shoulder and dive into the ocean of women’s warmth – do not do it.

The man has to cope with all of his emotions himself. As soon as a man begins to complain about his life, as soon as he seek consolation from her, needs comfort and understanding, she feels misunderstood. If she does not turn down this man, she will hook you soon and wrap him around her little finger.

Guidance for menYou can discuss things, share experiences and talk over various difficulties with her, but don’t look for solace. Even if a woman, in her ingenuousness, wants to feel sorry for you, you can not permit it – “Thank you, dear, for your support, but now I have to settle it myself”.

Clench your teeth, but abandon the habit to see a mother in the woman, who will listen, understand and feel sorry for you, help you. Treating a woman like that, you block the development of your masculinity and return to the state of a child, and the relationship reaches a deadlock.

Do you know the essence of impotence? – Mother can’t make you horny. It is man’s self-pity and a desire to find solace in the beloved, which make the relationship boring. There comes a time when a man does not want his woman, and she has long been thinking of a lover. Doctors will not help.

If you can not stop wallowing in self-pity – don’t bother your woman. Lick your wounds alone, and be strong for your woman.

Learn to make decisions for yourself and, when required, for both of you. Do not look into the eyes of a woman in search of the answer – find the courage to make a decision on your own. Take the responsibility. Take a risk – even if not all the solutions are optimal. Only this way, man can keep his power and freedom in the relationship, and a woman will finally be a woman.

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  1. ads says:

    Oh joy of being guy unless mega rich no chance of having girlfriend and can’t even be ever sad and noone to talk to guess that’s why so many men kill themselves, i will too.

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