Grooms from Norway – what are they?

Grooms from Norway – what are they?

There are much more men in Norway than women, so foreigners always have chances to meet a Norwegian and marry him. A great number of Norwegians seeks to marry a foreigner. (Men from Norway are disappointed with their emancipated women who don’t want to create a family). Fortunately, foreigners are often looking for an opportunity to get married to a Norwegian, which results in very strong international families.

What is he – a man from Norway?

Grooms from Norway - what are they?He is brave enough and willing to try his luck with the woman of his dreams, regardless of her place of residence or nationality. He always knows what to do, and, regardless of his financial well-being, is able to figure out how and where to spend time with his chosen or with the whole family. He is not ashamed of the words of love. A man who believes and is able to convince everyone that the best woman is the one that is with him. He receives sincerity, as a gift. But at the same time, men from Norway are very vulnerable and they need female affection and sincere friendly support.

Norwegians are easy to like. They are educated, modest and not spoiled people. Norwegians are very different, but when you try to sum up, they are responsible, serious, honest, intelligent and decent, though sometimes a bit naive. As a rule, they are modest, shy, hard-working, not spoiled and unpretentious in life, as one of my friends said – they are like a submarine capable of autonomous navigation, ie they can wash, cook, clean and organize their life better than any woman.

After meeting with the Norwegians, you will notice that every Norwegian is simply obsessed with nature, hiking, fishing and similar pastime. Moreover, he does this with his beloved one, not with friends! In general, he does everything with his family and children.

The scientists of Oxford University recently conducted a study of what men think about gender roles, housework and childcare. The study involved 12 countries. The highest scores were given to those men who are more inclined to help their wives with housework and child care. Women find them more attractive as potential spouses, and therefore they are more likely to have a family.

The “Winners” are men from Norway. As it turned out, most women would like to marry a Norwegian. The men of the Scandinavian country are considered eligible matches, as they are more willing to help their wives at home. Equal rights, equal rights and equal rights again. Special attention is paid to the changing role of men in the family, as in Norway, even at the state level, there is a perception that men and women should have equal rights, not only during the elections or applying for a job, but also in family life, especially since both husband and wife usually work in Norwegian families.

What way is the state trying to provide equal opportunities for the care of children, the distribution of household responsibilities, etc.? After meeting with the Norwegians, it becomes clear that in modern Norway, it is quite normal, if the husband prepares dinner and cares for the babies, they can even get a leave to care for a child in this country. Couple decides who earns more, and who’d better stay at work during the first few months after birth.

What do you get marrying a Norwegian? You become a citizen of the Kingdom of Norway. A small kingdom without wars, poverty, crises and hunger. The most important – try to love your new homeland – Norway. Believe me – it’s worth it!

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