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Meeting the most beautiful Norwegian girls on dating apps

best norwegian appPlan your trip to Norway for sightseeing and hookups

It’s good if you’re open-minded and adventurous enough to not limit yourself by planning a trip to Norway but also care about your sexual life there. Does it make sense? (more…)

How to pick up a Norwegian girl and get intimate

hook up norwegian girlCold Norwegian women: true or false?

There is a myth that Norwegian women are a bit cold as they are of nordic type. But it’s so far from the truth and you learn that only when you get to Norway and try dating there.

First of all, it’s a very prosperous and many-sided country where a person has even more possibilities to earn well and live well than in the USA. It’s really hard to be bored there.

Norwegian girls are smart and hard-working, they use all chances to the maximum and build very good careers. If they’re from smaller towns, they participate in a family business. (more…)

Grooms from Norway – what are they?

Grooms from Norway - what are they?

There are much more men in Norway than women, so foreigners always have chances to meet a Norwegian and marry him. A great number of Norwegians seeks to marry a foreigner. (Men from Norway are disappointed with their emancipated women who don’t want to create a family). Fortunately, foreigners are often looking for an opportunity […]

How to tell a man about breakup?

How to tell a man about breakup?

Sometimes it happens that to start the relationship is far easier than to finish it. But how to behave, when the feelings’re gone and you do not want to continue the relationship, you’d like to have a new one. Your man has no clue about what you want to leave him. You realize that nothing […]

Guidance for women

Guidance for women

Every woman wants to be weak – in the sense that she wants to do nothing, to bear no responsibility, but to be able to make all her dreams come true. However, a healthy strong relationships require power. This power should not be directed at how to guide your man, how to manipulate, you should […]