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Why marrying a Norwegian woman is the best decision in your life?

norwegian mail order bridesTop reasons why Norwegian women are interested in you

Finding a mail order bride online isn’t a rarity anymore, many westerners chose this way for their own reasons. Norwegian girls beauty and values also exceed the same parameters of western women.

Although Norway isn’t the most popular destination for international dating and marriages, it is going to be changed soon because they make the best brides and wives ever. (more…)

Meeting the most beautiful Norwegian girls on dating apps

best norwegian appPlan your trip to Norway for sightseeing and hookups

It’s good if you’re open-minded and adventurous enough to not limit yourself by planning a trip to Norway but also care about your sexual life there. Does it make sense? (more…)

Looking for Norwegian women? Here is guide about dating from Idateadvice

Also, avoid being touchy. Norwegian women are conservative, so they aren’t very open to physical touch let alone PDA with someone they do not know very well. Therefore, keep your hands to yourself until better acquainted. Otherwise, you probably won’t see her again. To avoid any mistakes, look for welcoming hints in her body language. If the eye contact is constant, she’s flirty, moving closer and you are too, try a little touch here and there to see how it is received. Then proceed how you see fit. (more…)

Get married in Norway

Get married in Norway

Although women are attracted to men from Norway traditionally, but to marry a Norwegian officially is not easy. And this is connected with the fact that to get married in Norway means to collect a bunch of documents to apply for a visa at the consulate and wait for six months. The groom can get […]

Family and life in Norway

Family and life in Norway

As women in Scandinavian countries regularly go to work, their husbands often playwith children, almost always do washing up and ironing. Women, in turn, are able to change a car tire, hang a cornice for curtains, tile bathroom or move furniture without the help of men. The spouse do  the house cleaning and caring for […]