What attracts tourists to Norway?

What attracts tourists to Norway?

What attracts tourists to Norway?The entire country – the sea, mountains and fjords. Moreover, much of the country is covered with mountains. The residents, throughout the long history of the country, had to fight for every small piece of land. It is is worth much. Often literally.

Nature strikes with its muted but diverse northern beauty. Here you can see clear rivers, lakes and forests. Everything is in its elemental beauty. Summer in Norway is very comfortable and there are no mosquitoes in the country.

Birds in cities are almost tame and not afraid of people. Pigeons sit quietly on hand to share your meal. The forests are rich in animals, which often go out on the roadway.

As a rule, it is possible to wander and explore nature almost anywhere. Even if the area is fenced. But, of course, with the permission of the owners.

Travel to Norway: how to have a good time

Two million tourists travel to Norway annually. Note: the population is almost five million. In addition, holidays for tourists here are pretty special. It’s not the the place where you can bathe in the sun on the beach. One-third of the country is located beyond the Arctic Circle.

Thanks to the abundance of mountains in Norway, ski tourism is very developed. Tourists are attracted by the stunning beauty of waterfalls and fjords with clear water, as well as by mountain rivers where you can go fishing!

Residents are friendly, but they prefer solitude. Typically, each family has a cottage close to the mountains. In winter, you can’t go there – the roads are covered with snow.

But in season from late spring to mid-fall, a period of active holiday begins. These are various hiking trips or long walks on bicycles. This kind of leisure is loved by all the people. Another interesting feature of the Norwegian way of life is the lack of locks on the doors of cottages. Anyone can go in and have a bite. On the table, there is a price list and a plate for the money. Oddly enough – everybody pays!

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