Save your personal space

Save your personal space

Another epidemic and devastating mistake is that men and women in romantic relationships should do everything together, sleep in the same bed and have no secrets and all belong to each other completely.

Yes, at the initial stage of relationship you want to be together as much time as possible. Friends, work, hobbies – everything is put aside, just to be together. This is, perhaps, romantic, but making the most of the relationship is dangerous. To reduce the whole meaning of life to relations even with the most beautiful person means to lose touch with reality.

No matter how wonderful this relationship can be, sooner or later you both will get bored with it. You can not live for each other, otherwise, your life will soon become black and white. But most couples do not understand this, and, conversely, seek to fully integrate their lives together.

From a practical point of view, it may seem appropriate and correct. Joint accounts, holidays together, nutrition together, entertainment together, mutual friends, and, often, and work together. It seems that such joint activity expresses great love and trust. But after a year, the romance disappears, and they both begin to understand that life turned strange and goes by.

Save your personal spaceYou can get bored even with the best and most interesting person if you spend all the time together. Like a good wine – if you drink it from a beer mug at one burst, its entire gustatory value disappears from the second sip. You should taste an expensive drink slowly – it’s the only way you can feel a whole bunch of sensations.

The same with relationships – if you don’t limit yourself, you can “drink down” each other for a couple of months.

When a man and woman meet each other, they are independent people with their views, interests and friends – and that’s because they like each other. Man feels great when he lives passionately and fully, in harmony with himself. When you have a close relationship it is not possible.

First, it’s easy to agree to such an exchange. But after some time, you’ll need some personal space for friends, old hobbies, and you may find that you don’t have time for all things you once loved. At this stage, many relationships have problems, because there are only two extremes: fully dedicate your life to each other or break up.

In relationships it is possible to be individuals, and it will only benefit the relationship. If we abandon the childish greed and desire to own a man in full, if you overstep the fear that the person may not come back, everything will be great.

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