Let’s talk about male jealousy

Let’s talk about male jealousy

How to know if your boyfriend is jealous?

Let's talk about male jealousyIn fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem first. Jealous men can be divided into two categories: impulsive and quiet. If your loved one belongs to the first category, he can’t hide his feelings for a long time, he will definitely take every opportunity to have it out. He can break dishes, furniture and he may even come to blows. Well, if your favorite is a quiet type, then he is likely to behave like a hurt child. He may be silent, limiting to short answers, and he may not respond to kindness, and walk away, slamming the door and may not answer the phone. As we can see, it is easy to understand if the guy is jealous, it will be much harder to calm him down, so that we should think once again if it is worth provoking his feeling. If you need to make the guy jealous, like a breath of fresh air, get down to business.
Ways to make a guy jealous

So, how to make a guy jealous? Again, nothing complicated – you need to show that he is not the only man interested in you, that you enjoy wide popularity.

1. Let’s start with the most innocent – flowers (small gifts), presented by admirers. You can order a bouquet- in this case, do not forget about the card with a couple of sweet words. You can also buy flowera on your way home, you’d better do that at the stores which are far away from home, so that your boyfriend didn’t see you there. You should do that several times, even one flower, but a few times a week. If he asks you who is the giver, you should look confused babbling about some new acquaintance.

2. Communication with another guy on the phone, via e-mail, ICQ, or social networking, whatever. You should leave your e-mail account open.

3. Change in appearance. Image change is not enough, you will have to be up in the clouds, often pretending inattentive in conversation and have a dreamy look. And you can also change your taste preferences, for example, earlier you never really liked sushi. You’ll have to love and answer with a satisfied look on your face that your new friend taught you to eat properly.

4. Stop coming from work at the same time and become a “workaholic”, come home from work later than usual.

5. If the object of influence is your ex-boyfriend, then you need to look well-groomed and happy if you meet him. You stop on the street and talk with your ex? Not bad, but the hint (for example, look at the watch), that it’s time for you to go there where somebody’s waiting for you.

6. Make a guy jealous, tell him a story about how good your new friend is.

7. Well, the easiest, but also the most dangerous way – is to flirt in front of your lover with another man.

Just do not overdo.

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