Interesting facts about Norway (10 facts)

Interesting facts about Norway (10 facts)

Interesting facts about Norway (10 facts)1) Probably, a few people know that the word “Norway” means “the way of the North”. Many thousands of years ago, this country was hidden under a huge sheet of ice …

2) Every year, thousands of tourists go to Norway, to ride on a unique 20-kilometer Flåm railway. From the train window, you can see mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the fjord. The Flåm Railway is a work of engineering art.

3) You may think that this is a northern country, which is still covered with snow and the eternal ice. You will be surprised when you get to Norway in the summer and see blooming orchards and ripe strawberries. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of Norway is quite mild and warm in the summer. The sea near the coast of northern Norway, located above the Arctic Circle, does not freeze even in winter, and in the summer, the temperature rises to 20 – 30 °C  even in the northern part of the country.

4) The principal means of transportation in Norway – is bicycles, no matter what the weather is outside, if it is frosty – you can dress warmly, as if it rains – Norwegians wear raincoats and take umbrellas.

5) The coldest winter month in Norway is March. In March, it snows, it is frosty and the streets are covered with ice. But in December, you can see even roses which haven’t hit the ground yet.

6) Norway is a real Kingdom, with the King and the Queen. In Norway, the monarchy reigns, but Parliament has political power.

7) Alt for Norge (All for Norway)  – this is written on the coat of arms of the King of Norway. For many years, it has been the motto for the Kings of Norway.

8) In Norway, at weddings, there is a custom to give beer to cows. According to the tradition, everyone should be drunk at the wedding, and everyone should low something in the honor of the bride and groom, and the cows do not make any exceptions.

9) The analysis of phenetic similarity showed that the cats in Norway are similar to those on Shetland Islands, Shetland cats resemble the cats and dogs on Orkney islands and the Isle of Man. The latter are closest to the cats on Faroe Islands, they’re like the cats of Iceland. That was the sequence in which the Vikings digested the North Atlantic.

10) Worldwide, oil is measured in gallons, barrels, cubic meters, tonnes, exajoules and British thermal units, and in Norway and Canada, crude oil is measured in cubic meters, and condensate – in tonnes.

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