How to hint for a kiss?

How to hint for a kiss?

How to hint for a kiss?The dream of every girl is a kind, courteous, courageous gentleman. But at the same time, men are timid, shy, hesitant. They may be afraid of our reaction to their actions, afraid to make a wrong move and lose us. For example, here is the following scenario: you’ve already had your first date, and he hasn’t kissed you yet.

How to make a loved one understand, that you’re ready to move to the next step of relations – a kiss. It’s hard to say it straight. It is possible take the initiative in your own hands and try to seduce him? After all, we all know that impossible is nothing in principle. The most important thing is a strong desire and a little effort in the right direction and you will succeed.

So what we need for this?

First. Developing a strategy.

Choose the place, time and mode of action. It can be:

– Park. Solitary bench. Twilight. Cool air. Shiver in the cold. A caring man must try to warm you. And if he is wearing a light shirt? Embrace is also an effective way! Then, the only thing you’ll have to do is to move a little in the right perspective …
Looking at each other’s eyes, you lean forward, hold your breath and kiss …

– Cafe. A cup of hot tea. Slow romantic music. Say him that you really like to dance, or just invite him to a white dance. And at the end thank him for the pleasure and give him a kiss. No, not a French kiss, but in the corner of the lips, as if you wanted to kiss him on the cheek and missed. You’re a romantic girl and not a sniper! Your chosen one will have only to take up the initiative …

Second. Put the plan into motion.

Stay calm and not panic. Deep breath. Remember that determination and seductive femininity are our best friends.

Your main task is to create the right atmosphere and “push” him a little in the right direction. If he is really your man, it doesn’t really matter who started it. He is sure to finish the job.

And the main thing! Do not forget to enjoy the taste of kisses and warmth of hugs.

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